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As shares plunge, Netflix takes aim at password sharing, ads

“It feels like this is Netflix’s ‘come-to-Jesus’ moment. They were able to be headstrong and play the role as a disruptor for a long time. But now the honeymoon is over and they have to face the reality of business." 
- J. Christopher Hamilton




The Implications of the Biggest Legal Decision to Hit Hollywood in Decades

“Instead of thinking of movie theaters as older institutions, what if it was an entertainment-based destination where there are games and food? Dave and Busters multiplied by twenty.” 

- J. Christopher Hamilton






How Movie Theaters Can Avoid Extinction

"It's a really practical and effective step forward," said J. Christopher Hamilton, an assistant professor of television, radio, and film at Syracuse University, and a former executive at Disney and WarnerMedia. "It will usher in more variations."

-J. Christopher Hamilton



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Black Audiences Want Hollywood to Expand Beyond Slavery, Civil Rights Film Narratives

“From the C-suite on down, because of this lack of diversity, the lack of relationships with diverse content creators, diverse casting directors and diverse agents — you end up self-replicating everything that you’re buying.” 

-J. Christopher Hamilton

Journal of Family Theory and Review


When They See Us: An Unshaken History of Racism in America 

An analysis on how this Emmy award winning series on Netflix can be used as prosocial content to deconstruct institutional racism and operate as a change agent throughout our society.

-J. Christopher Hamilton

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Rutger's Business Law Review

Crowdfunding and Cryptocurrency - A New Conduit For Film Finance

An examination of the traditional and new pathways to funding content based the impact of Covid-19, shrinking capital markets and shifting business landscape due to the streaming wars and content bubble.

-J. Christopher Hamilton



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How Companies Can Show Their Solidarity With Employees As Protests Continue

"If you don't acknowledge the emotional and psychological impact on your staff, during a national crisis then you will not be prepared to address the implications that has for your bottom line."

-J. Christopher Hamilton




What Regal Cinemas Shutdown and New Furlough Mean For Knoxville-based Theater Company

"Don't fight it. Embrace (innovation). Maybe it means that your margins will be affected. But you know what? It's inevitable anyway. Maybe you can be a change agent in the marketplace versus having to always be responsive and late to the innovation."

-J. Christopher Hamilton




Black Death: A New Form of Porn

"I'm certain it does [dehumanize victims], but there are a lot of things that qualify [dehumanization]: it's the frequency at which the videos or these kinds of images are shared and the context in which they’re shared."
-J. Christopher Hamilton

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Black Content Needs: Black Capital & Control?

"The real question is which millionaires and billionaires in our community are willing to align their finances, brands, political clout and social capital to blaze a path toward an international distribution pipeline and major film slate that is 100% owned, financed and controlled by Blacks."

-J. Christopher Hamilton

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